Helm of Ares

An ancient bronze hoplite helmet that has somehow defied the touch of time


Item of Power worn by Alexander Lu. Grants the following:

Demonic co-pilot* -1
Supernatural speed -2
Supernatural strength -2
Supernatural toughness – 2
Supernatural recovery -2
Genus of War* -2
Catch: Hind’s blood +3

*While originally granted by the helmet, these powers have become internalised by the current host, Alexander Lu, due to prolonged use and exposure to the Helmet


An ancient helm, seemingly made from bronze but utterly impervious to both physical harm and the ravages of time. Housed within the helmet dwells the spirit of the ancient Greek God of War, Ares himself, empowering the wearer with vast physical power and skill… at a sinister cost.

Trapped within the helmet by the handiwork of Hephauestus himself as punishment for cuckolding him, neither this vast reduction in power nor the thousands of years that have passed since his imprisonment seems to have tempered the ancient Olympian’s bloodlust

Helm of Ares

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