Xuè lóng

Royal Dragon Blooded Sorceress


High Concept Aspect: Half Dragon Enchantress

Trouble Aspect: ‘Living Large’ …Xué has a history of spending more money than she has, to try things she shouldnt…and dont even get me started on..

Background: Xué was raised on the stories of her familys splendor and grandeur under the Quing Dynasty then a loosing battle against fame and fortunes since. Her family fled from Nankiang in 1938 haunted by the agents of the Kyoto Dragon …the again in the turmoil of the civil war in ´48 finally finding refuge with well off family in Saigon – and finally the most recent time in ‘75 Xué’s mother alone made it to US after yet another mid-night escape … – Xue’s father was an influencial member of the Triads who took Xue’s mother Mei as his – making her his mistress until some intergang rively left him dead. (Aspect: To catch a Dragon)

Great(4): Conviction, Rapport
Good(3): Discipline, Contacts
Fair(2): Athletics, Deciet, Alertness
Average(1): Scholar, Endurance, Lore, Presence, Investigation

Dragon pendant

Sponsored Evocation(2): The azure dragon in my blood
Item of Power(1): ‘Amulet of the Dragon’ Marked by Power & Refinement spc. of my dragon evocation
Incite Emotion ‘lust or calmness or?’ (?): could this run off rapport? (everybody else seems to have deciet – would be a bit boring if we are all just deciet-like…

Toughness or Recovery?

Other Aspect:

‘Hoarding the Spotlight’

‘Proud as ..well a Dragon’

‘Its in my blood’

to be continued…


Pendant small
Xué´s dragon pendant hairloom

Xuè lóng

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