Roderick "Baby Face" Wang

Embarrassingly Young Incense Master & Emperor Norton cultist


System: FATE (Dresden Files)
Theme Song: Happy Ho Ho Ho, by The Happy Hoes
High Concept:
Suave Taoist

Absent yet meddlesome bodhisattva dad.

Template: Emperor Nortons Emissiary of Power, or Dìshàng zhǔzhě
Great (4): Conviction, Lore
#of Slots: 2
Good (3): Rapport, Resources
#of Slots: 2
Fair (2): Deceit, Discipline, Fists
#of Slots: 3
Average (1): Athletics, Contacts, Endurance, Presence, Scholarship
#of Slots: 5

Stunts & Powers:
Incense Master/True Faith:
-1 Guide My Hand
Minor Ability:
-/0: Wizards Constitution
0: Wizards Death Curse
-1: Marked by Power (Emperor Norton, recognized as Spiritual Magistrate of the Moats & Walls of Golden Mountain by the Celestial Court)
-4 Sponsored Magic (Places of Power-His Imperial Majesty Emperor Norton I, Lord of The Golden Mountains Walls & Moats, as genius loci : Attuned, can be used outside the Place of Power. Especially apt for warding citizens of San Francisco, as well as veiling or manipulating their perceptions, with Evocations methods & Speed, : but has very neglible intellectus, as it only shows the world as Emperor Norton thinks it ought to be. This version of Nortons magic is especially potent against malevolent beings from Chinese mythology, such as the Jade Court Guǐxiāns, lowering their magical Toughness by 1 level.
-1: Alienist (Rapport): +2 on (Chit-chat) whith those “Under the Influence”-the Drunk, Drug-addled, Insane, Posessed, or anyone else with altered states of mind.


Background: Where did he come from?
Educated from birth, by expensive private tutors, in jet-setting Chinese enviroment, to become Incense Master of the Golden Mountain Triad.
Phase Aspect: Suave Taoist.

Rising Conflict: What shaped him?
Then Father (Blond Wang) abruptly ascended to the Bhuddist Pure Lands. Hid out in San Francisco/Golden Mountains alternative street scene, both as part of his, rather rushed, initiation ritual, but also to avoid the competition. Eventually made comeback with help from the Imperial Council of San Francisco.
His current “official” job is being a Judge at Tattoo Contests.
Story Title: Help, Dads gone Bhuddhist!
Phase Aspect: Queer freinds, queerer enemies.

The Story: What was his first adventure?
Can the Incense Master convince the current manifestation of the Emperor Norton, Frank Chu, that the “Peace & Progress Society” is not the tool of the VITGROROLLIONS OF POPULATIONS?! Perhaps by both being bounced by Alex Lu?
Story Title:
Phase Aspect: Zealot of Norton.

Guest Star:
So, theres a pretty little Kunlun Mountain Shénxiān in trouble for fake alchemy? Lets buy her debt! That should get the attention of the Western Queen Mothers!
Story Title:
Phase Aspect: Faerie Court Troubler

Guest Star Redux:
There is a Dragon Lady on the Golden Mountain! We most join powers, at any price, even if I must travel the Void under the 5 Mountains!
Story Title:
Phase Aspect: Legends Walk.

Roderick "Baby Face" Wang

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