Revolution Salamandra

Reality Hacker troubled by the temptation of abusing his Power


Great (4): Discipline, Scholarship
Good (3): Guns, Craftmanship
Fair (2): Driving, Resources, Lore
Average (1): Alertness, Contacts, Burglary, Stealth, Rapport

Stunts & Powers:


Background: “Fighting the Rebellion."
Grew up in San Fransisco with mother Marguerite and father Shi and younger siblings Zaphod and Fenchurch. Sal regularly saw his grandparents on his mothers side, but only very rarely his grandparents on his fathers side, since they didn’t approve of their sons lifestyle and their daughter in law.
The family life of young Sal was happy though he soon started to question and rebel against his parents hippie lifestyle.
An outsider form the start Sal sought out others like him in school and highschool, joining the geeks and punk/goths.
After highschool Sal joined the City college of San Fransisco studying computer programming. It was during this time he learned about his special powers while playing mMagic the gathering, Warhammer Battle and Role Playing Games.

Shaping Events: Path to Damnation.
After a while Sal gave in to the temptation and started gambling. He soon made a name for himself as an extremely talented gambler, unfortunately the wrong people took notice and he got swept up in a life of crime. It could easily have ended badly during this time, but Sals Grandfather intervened, using the sway he still held among some of the gangs of San Fransisco to get Sal away from the streets and into the Peace and Progress Society.

First Adventure: It’s a kind of Magic.
Out of Luck
A mysterious gambler in high stakes games starts to gamble for his opponents souls, those who lose die in freak accidents within days.
Will Sal succeed in tracking down The Gambler, and if he does will he escape with his soul and life as not only a Powerful Wizard but also enemies from his life as a gangster comes gunning for him???

Revolution Salamandra

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