Lianna Kain


Under construction: Runaway fairy princess (Changeling)
Name: Born Lianna lian lee kain. Called Lianna Kain.

Skills: Stealth (4), Deceit (4), Empathy (3) , Atletics (3), Alertness (2), Rapport (2), Weapons (2), Burglary (1), Disciplin (1), Investigation (1), Presence (1), Lore (1)

Concept Aspect: “Blood of the Fae” (Cheating and mishaps run in her blood, but sometime curiosity get her in trouble)

Vulnerbilities: Cold Iron, A promise is a promise
Power: Glamours, Cassandra’s tear, Phychometry, Supernatural Recovery (cold Iron), incite emotion (thrust, range)

Trouble Aspect: “That’s not fair” (Life has not been good for Lianna. She seems very unlucky. Have a soft spot for people being bullied and people having a tough time. Helping get her very motivated, but sometime lead to unforseen trouble).

Coming From: (“Faery (god) Mother”) (Lianna have a guardian angel that sometime helps her, but most often the fae just create chaos in her life)
- Born in the usa.
- Mother Fae and father chinese american (originally from Hong Kong)
- Father and Mother seperated when she was 12
- Father sick with Parkinson’s Disease
- Taken by her mother to The unseelie Court

Rising Conflict: (“Thrust is a difficult game”) (Lianna have learned the hard way not to thrust people, but she also have trouble to get very close to people)
- Tough time at unseelie court
- Trouble getting close to people
- Repel. Follow her Heart, not the rules.
- Is Generally good hearted especially towards people being bullied or having a hard time.
- Seek Justice or at least what she sees as justice.
- Runaway to be with her father, which is now to sick to work. Work to support herself and her
father, which cost alot in medical bills.
- Very unlucky in her life. Each time she get it going ok, something happens and she is out of luck. Her last boyfriend was charge with selling drugs and is now in jail for many years. She suspect the influence of the fairy court but have not seen any proof.
- Always seem to run out of money.
-Working with several Charity Organisations in her sparetime.

First Adventure: Fairy Gold. (“looks can be deceiving”) (lianna is a master at making illusions)
Coming home was not all joy. Lianna’s father was sick and had lost his job and lived in the poor part of town. She decide to change all this and get him a decent home and money enough so he should not wary about this any more. All she needed was a little fairy gold. However some of the buyers was not what they appeared to be and they wanted to teach her a lesson after they found out they was cheated . Soon the hunt for her started in the street of San Francisco..

Guest Star: Welcome Home Alex (This is not good, opening the pandora’s box) (sometime when she try to stop bad events from happening, she instead tricker the event)

It was years after that fateful opening shot in what would later become the Battle of Fallujah when Alex, officially believed to have died in the ambush, finally came back to the U.S. Returning home a changed man to a city he barely knew, Alex found his futile hopes for peace cruelly dashed against the rocks of brutal gang violence. When faced with “an offer he couldn’t refuse” would the Triads gain a soldier of incredible power… or would it be time to Cry Havoc in the streets of San Francisco?

Coming back from the Nevernever Lianna was afraid to run straight to her father, so she driftet the streets of San Francisco and befriending a hooker (Sandra) who had escaped the Triads. The hookers pimp wanted to show what would happen if someone ran away and killed sandra and nearly Lianna. Wanting revenge Lianna tried to find a way to get even with the pimp and followed him to a triad hide out. Her she found a young asian tied to a chair being interrogated. Something about the old helmet on the table. She got a vision earlier about the helmet and people dying because of it. Wanting to help and getting an ally against the Triad she freed the asia (Alex). Nobody had to die because of the helmet. However what happend next was now what lianna had expected….


Lianna Kain

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