Alexander Lu

Haunted Host of the Host-breaker


Height: 6’

Weight: 195 lbs

Eyes: Black

Race: Eurasian

Actor: Brandon Lee

Theme song: Voices – Rev Theory


Great (4): Weapons, Discipline

Good (3): Endurance, Guns

Fair (2): Fists, Athletics, Might

Average (1): Stealth, Resources, Driving, Alertness, Investigation


Item of Power Helm of Ares -3

Demonic Co-pilot* (Ares) -1

Genus of War* -2

Total refresh: 1

*Originally powers of the Helm which have become internalised by Alex due to prolonged use and exposure to the item


High Concept: Haunted Host of the Host-breaker

Background (Military Brat): Alexander Lu was born in San Francisco in 1980 and practically grew up in Fort Hunter Ligget where his father, Major Robert Lu served as the CXO of the U.S Army training facilities there.
Spending all of his formative years around guns, soldiers and army apparel, as well as having a proud family history in the service (claimed by his father to stretch all the way back to the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China and the legendary “Flying General” Lu Bo!), it was practically a foregone conclusion when Alex signed up with the U.S Army on his 18th birthday.
Showing great aptitude, dedication and skill though his progress through the ranks were hampered somewhat by a fiercely independent streak, Alex was nonetheless one of the first pair of “boots on the ground” when the War in Afghanistan began in 2001, though records of what he actually did there remain sealed.

Rising Conflict (Fuck the Chain of Command, Sir!):

Whatever actually happened in Afghanistan, what is clear is that Alex’ headstrong nature and independent streak eventually ran head-first into rigid, army structure with irreparable results. Seemingly burning all bridges to the service (and his father) behind him with a dishonourable discharge, Alex drifted out of the regimented life of military service, and straight into the considerably shadier scene of the “independent security contractor”. It was in this position, as one of Blackwater’s “security consultants” that he found himself in Fallujah on March 31st, 2004, riding in an SUV along with 3 colleagues with an old, battered Greek-style helmet in his lap.

Exactly why his squad had been ordered to retrieve this dusty relic from the bombed-out shell of a forgotten storehouse wasn’t entirely clear to Alex, and when all hell suddenly broke lose around the convoy he suddenly found more pressing concerns to worry about. The full details of the bloody and brutal ambush are mostly lost to Alex in a red blur of destruction and brutality, but whatever actually happened, the 4th charred corpse that was strung up along his 3 colleagues from a bridge across the Euphrates wasn’t him…

Somehow escaping from the blood-soaked slaughter alive and clutching the ancient helmet, Alex escaped into the chaos of the exploding insurgency in a half-mindless haze guided only by instinct and the triumphant, unearthly voice now roaring inside his mind.

First Adventure: (Dog of War Unleashed) – Welcome Home Alex

It was years after that fateful opening shot in what would later become the Battle of Fallujah when Alex, officially believed to have died in the ambush, finally came back to the U.S. Returning home a changed man to a city he barely knew, Alex found his futile hopes for peace cruelly dashed against the rocks of brutal gang violence. When faced with “an offer he couldn’t refuse” would the Triads gain a soldier of incredible power… or would it be time to Cry Havoc in the streets of San Francisco?

Alexander Lu

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